Ben Worley is a Film Composer / Music Producer from Nashville TN (Living/Working in Los Angeles CA)

His experience speaks for itself. I mean not literally. That's impossible. But it is an impressive client list for a 25 year old. Clients like Bethesda, Adobe, LifeWay, Buzzfeed, Coke-a-Cola, Red Giant, and Triune Films all talk about how amazing Ben is. (Well maybe not Triune, but they're losers)

This is all cute. But has he done any films?

You're kinda rude. And yes of course.

You'd probably know his work best from Red Giant shorts like Plot Device, TEMPO, Spy vs Guy, Go Bag, etc... did you miss the part where he worked for Bethesda? It was Wolfenstein II. He did music for that.

Oh yeah he also won an award for best soundtrack at a college he didn't go to. So yeah. Pretty cool stuff.

Anyway, he's just getting started, so you better hire him now while you can.

“I can watch any film and tell you whether or not it has music in it.” - Ben Worley